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Testing the X and Y Stages
December 29th, 2010

Once the X axis had been assembled and tested, it was straightforward to get the Y axis completed.

Assembled X and Y axes with Buld Plate

The End Stop flags were adjusted on each axis to give enough clearance so that nothing will crash into each other in the event of a software error. The Orange Cat5e cabling in the above picture is simply used to connect the end stops to the stepper motor drivers. The Build Plate fastens directly into the Y axis carrier block. During test runs of both axes, the build plate was checked to make sure there was no excessive vibrations due to its size and the fact that it only is secured in the center.

X and Y axes Electronics Set-Up with the RepRap Electronics

The RepRap 3rd Generation electronics made it fairly simple to get the axes moving once ReplicatorG was configured for my machine. This basically consisted of calculating the travel of an axis in mm per step of the stepper motor. I used Skeinforge to slice a simple test part and then ran this code with ReplicatorG to test the movement of the axes under simulated print conditions. In the above image you can see the micro controller and two stepper motor drivers, all powered by the standard computer power supply.

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