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3D Printed Kayak STLs, CAD, and Bill of Materials

After lots of requests since I finished building my Kayak in early 2014, I have decided to release all of the CAD models and the bill of materials. This Sea Kayak is really fast in the water. I designed it to be 28 sections which all bolt together using M5 screws and threaded inserts. Each section has a specially designed rib structure to minimize print material usage. Basic silicone caulk seals each section together. No support material is required. I designed in mounting points on the Bow and Stern of the Kayak so you can mount cameras or flags. Wear your life jacket!

Complete Detailed CAD Model

Full detailed CAD models and CAD model assembly. You can modify the source design files as needed for your application or optimize performance for your size & weight. The overall assembly is provided in these formats: Solidworks 2015 (native), Pro/Engineer, Parasolid, IGES, STEP and eDrawings. Also, all the 3D printed parts are provided in STL format.

Car Rack Mounts, Stands and Other Add-Ons

Over the years, I have a made a number of Add-On parts for the Kayak: A GoPro holder for the Bow, A Flag holder for the Stern, Perfectly fitted 3D Printed Car Rack mounts for the kayak, A fitted stand system using low cost speaker stands so you can work on or display the kayak. All Add-Ons are included in the CAD assembly.

Detailed Bill of Materials with Sources

All parts are listed with required quantities and source vendors. Vendor part numbers and prices are provided for all stock parts for rapid sourcing. Depending on your resourcefulness and technical inclination, the kayak can be built for around $500 to $700.
Download Kayak STL Files only
Download Complete Detailed Kayak CAD Model, Add-Ons, STLs and Detailed Bill of Materials with Sources

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